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How To Use The Super Simple Meeting Scheduler Called WhenIsGood?

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WhenIsGood has always been here when we need to schedule a meeting or phone call on time. Using this tool is a remarkable experience for the user, especially those who feel a bottleneck situation for such activity.

This dead-simple web app never lets you miss any meeting. Few tools are available for such types of activity but this one helps to make your meeting more convenient.

It doesn’t require any login to create events. This tool is good for those who become so puzzled to attend a meeting or organize it. It can undoubtedly improve the user experience of using an appointment scheduler.

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Let’s find out more details about this potential tool for time schedules.

What is WhenIsGood?

To implement the plan based on the time, especially arranging or coordinating meetings, there are lots of fuss-free online tools. It’s a tool that can simplify the process of scheduling meetings.

As a simple option, this tool makes everything easy including group planning and lets the plan fit with other programs. It makes more complex activities easier than anything.

For the changes schedule, this tool makes the time slot more flexible. So, it is for those who want their own time slots.

Ultimately, WhenIsGood is specially designed to work for meeting with each person. All the plans can be organized individually at once.

Schedule your meeting smartly
Picture: Schedule your meeting smartly

How To Get an Account?

Getting an account to use this tool is easier than anything. Trust me! It is fun. You just need to enter your email address in a form that is provided by this tool on their website.

After mentioning the email ID, the tool AI system will send you an activation link. After clicking on this link, you’ll be redirected to another page where you can put a password as you want to put it.

You’re done with the login. After the initial login to your account, all the events that you have set already for the alert will be imported automatically into this account.

Picture: Put your email ID
Picture: Put your email ID

Why Do You Need To Create An Account?

To use this tool you can find tons of reasons. This tool is not only user-friendly but also simple to supervise. We’ve mentioned the actual necessity of using this tool below.

No User Account:

This tool is designed to work simultaneously and a person doesn’t need any user account to do it. Despite this, creating an account can offer more benefits than a non-account holder.

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Manage Different Events:

To manage tons of events at a time and keep them under supervision, this tool works best. It will quickly respond on the dashboard and it doesn’t matter how many scheduled events or meetings you want to organize.

Result Code:

Result code is another good method to create an event. It’s only for those who don’t have an account. Their system’s AI will send a “result code” and this code is needed to respond against the matching time.

In addition, the more events you create using this tool, the more “result code” you’ll get. So, knowing and keeping track of the events using these result codes become more specific.

What Are The Cons?

Most of the time, this tool seems more accurate for the service but there are still some shortcomings. At first, it doesn’t include some features that can make this tool more effective. You cannot integrate this tool with other third-party applications.

Picture: catch your meeting on time
Picture: catch your meeting on time

How Many Types of Account This Tool Offers?

Like other tools, this one also focused on the benefit of users. Every person is not the same at work and their meeting tracking as well.

Based on the necessity there are three types of accounts available in WhenIsGood and these are explained in detail.


  • No login Required
  • 15, 30, & 60 min. versions
  • Or full days in “Calendar view”
  • Full-time zone support
  • Email alerts
  • Choose your event URL
  • Sync with your calendar


  • Account dashboard to manage all your events and responses
  • Edit and delete events
  • No need for results codes


  • No adverts on your events
  • More options for your respondents
  • “These times are perfect for me”
  • “This would be possible, but not ideal”
  • Helps people specify a broader range of times
  • Export results to excel
Picture: Get alerts in Your Email
Picture: Get alerts in Your Email

Which Tools Are The Tough Competitor For WhenIsGood?

It’s true, this tool is not alone out there. More than 50 other tools are also trying to give the same service as WhenIsGood offers. Only a few of them give a tough competition. You might check the name below.

  • Calendly
  • Framadate
  • Google Forms
  • Dudle
  • Survey Monkey
  • FullCalender
  • Laburly
  • Doodle
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Xoyondo

Tricks to Make WhenIsGood More Effective:

Undoubtedly, this tool is best in simplicity and gets the job done. For this tool, a few tricks can make this tool more useful for the user. Here we discussed two of them.

  • To increase the speed of each participant, users can set a custom link. This link should be set ahead of time for each participant. Following this process, the time will be faster.
  • Users can input the email manually if the people insist on emailing at their time.
Picture: Make a perfect schedule for meetings
Picture: Make a perfect schedule for meetings

What Are The Key Features of WhenIsGood?

Before using this tool, a user must know which type of future it has. All these features can make the user experience much better. Some of them are highlighted below.

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  • Update Link to check the previous moment and make changes.
  • Show durations
  • Export from Excel
  • Stop seeing alerts
  • Hide dates
  • Quick Sync
  • Share results


After the discussion, we found WhenIsGood is more worth for any business needs. With some unique features, this tool makes difficult tasks like scheduling meetings easy.

Today, this tool has become one of the most favorite meeting schedulers that keep the company’s strategy on track. Now the meeting is just like fun.

At the first glance and use, everyone will like this tool and it’s like an extra helping hand to the people. This platform should be your first choice for arranging an appointment on any date.

We can say one thing for sure, there are no more chances for any missteps, especially for arranging meetings with different personnel at different types when you have this tool.

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