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How To Get Hands-Free Directions To Your Home By Saying Hey Google Take Me Home:

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Google take me home is a part of a popular command that was a part of many commands of Google Assistant. This fanatics command is included by Google in their Google Maps.

For different types of platforms like iOS and Android, you can use them. Even it lets the user share the location with friends and family.

Undoubtedly, Google Assistance makes our day easier. Now we can send text messages, call anyone, play music, search for a place, and many other essential things.

Most of the time, people use Google to get directions for different locations. There are lots of interesting things you can discover in this review about it.

Picture: Get your direction to home
Picture: Get your direction to home

All of the Google users know, “Google take me home” is one of the most popular voice commands for Google assistance. This command works with Google AI and starts a route to the home address of the user.

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It works smoothly with Google Maps. That’s how this command works. On most android platforms, Google Assistant and default virtual assistant are already installed.

So, giving this command through your Android device works almost seamlessly. Don’t worry, this app and command also work better on different platforms like iOS.

Picture: Say "Ok Google" and give the command
Picture: Say “Ok Google” and give the command

Overview on google take me home Command:

Some interesting facts you might need to know about this popular Google assistant command. Do you want to know them? Then have a glance at them below.

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  • Hey Google take me home is one of the most popular commands that the Google assistant user has used in the last few years. It is the easiest way to get the direction of your home.
  • Only on a few platforms does this command work and these are iOS and Android. For that, the user must have the Google maps and Google Assistant apps on their mobile.
  • Using Google commands is not easy for the iOS user as the android user uses it. They need to install all Google maps and Google assistant applications first. Both apps are available in the App Store.

What Are The Popular Command People Use Using Google Assistant?

Google is not limiting its feature but offering only a few commands. They have more than a hundred commands that people usually use with the “OK Google” commands.

We made a list of all these commands that worked flawlessly well on both iOS and Android platforms. Let me share all of them with you.

The Basics Command:

  • “Open Gmail”
  • “Go to *********.com” to open a website
  • To call someone “Call Mom”
  • Text someone, “Text Wife I’m running late.”
  • Sending an Email “Email Wife, subject Hi, message, I’m Running Late, Sorry.” Using voice command, you can also add CC and BCC recipients.
  • To see the last messages in this device “Show me my last messages.”

Search Command for Google take me home:

  • To know about the upcoming event, “When is the next eclipse?”
  • For the basic search: Ex. “Mountain bikes.”
  • To find the phone number, “What’s the phone number of (person/ business name).”
  • “What does Mount Everest look like?” Show me a picture of a specific object.
  • To know about someone, “Who is (Person’s name)

Navigation Command:

  • Take me home
  • Take me to work
  • What’s the traffic like on the way to work?
  • Map of the city “Map of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco”
  • Where is the location (business name or location)?
  • Navigate to (business name, name, address, or destination).
  • How far is the (City, location, address)?
  • Where is the nearest (address, fast food restaurant, gas station)?
Picture: Find your nearest restaurant on Google map
Picture: Find your nearest restaurant on Google map

Sometimes we need to change our address for home or work. Even setting an address properly lets Google find out the direction is faster.

In your home or table, setting or changing the address is simple but you need to follow some steps. Let’s find out all these steps below.

Setting the Address:

  • Take your phone and open the Google Maps app.
  • Look for the “Your list” option, now tap saved and tap labeled.
  • Now you’ll find two options like choosing home or work.
  • Now set the address.

Changing the Address:

To change an existing address you just need to follow the same steps as you followed to set the address for the first time.

  • Tap on Google map from your phone or tablet and tab “Saved” under “your List,” Tap Labeled.
  • Next, find “Home” or “Work” and tap on it.
  • Now edit home or edit work.
  • You’ll see your current home or work address that you added earlier and remove it.
  • Now add a new address.

Deleting your home or work address:

  • Go to the Google map and tap on “Saved” under “Your lists,” tap labeled.
  • Now get to the “Home” or “Work,” and tap on more.
  • Remove the address of home or work from the list.

Pin the direction:

  • To set the direction, open the Google Maps app and tap “Direction”.
  • Now select the mode of your transportation and Tap “Home” or “Work”
  • You’ll see the Pin, tap on that at the bottom of the screen.
Picture: Pin your address
Picture: Pin your address

Now you know how to set an address as “Home” or “Work”, how to change them, and how to pin it in Google Maps.


As of the best support from Google, it is offering Google assistant services. Now, we can make lots of our jobs easier using Google assistant and give different commands on that.

For example, I always use the “Google take me home” voice command. This is the most essential Google command for me right now.

I’m surprised to hear that millions of people are benefiting from this command. That means I’m not alone out there who uses essential commands. I can find the easiest route after giving this command to Google.

At the end of the day, it is not possible to pass a single day without Google assistance, especially all these commands.

Enjoy google take me home on your phone!

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