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For The People of South Carolina Craigslist Is The Best Way of Advertisement

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To ensure better services in the area of South Carolina Craigslist came forward with a more specific strategy. Yes, they have divided this zone into different sectors.

Now the dwellers of South Carolina easily find what they are looking for. It’s true Craigslist got popularity in a short time only for their classified advertisements in different categories.

People know this is the place that can make them happy with actual dealings. The real buyer and seller can communicate, bargain, and confirm the deal within a short time.

So, it’s another way of saving money as well as saving time. Interested to know more about it? Let’s jump into the deep.

Picture: Craigslist
Picture: Craigslist

What is South Carolina Craigslist?

As you know, Craigslist is a site that lets the user post advertisements and Craigslist lets them do it in classified ways. Everyone can communicate with each one with a message board.

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In 1955, the journey of this site began but it is not the full story of this popular but simple classified advertisement website.

At first, the founder named Craig Newmark started it with an e-mail list and this service was available in the area of San Francisco.

After understanding the necessity, Craig decided to make a website for it and it will be easier to reach people from different areas. Now it is serving more than 70 countries. Even they classified the ads based on the place.

As an example, for South Carolina Craigslist made their list with more specific zones like Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Greenville, Hilton Head, etc.

Picture: Craig Newmark
Picture: Craig Newmark

About South Carolina and Craigslist:

South Carolina is a popular state in the United States. It is located in the coastal Southeastern region. This is the 23rd most popular state. This is the region most of the business personnel and organizations consider as important for business.

Craigslist is also doing the same thing. They know there are lots of opportunities for business. This state is huge in size. So, Craigslist divided this state into a few categories like its region.

This category makes the real deal easier for the dwellers of South Carolina. On Craigslist, you can find the following option based on the place of South Carolina.

  1. Charleston, SC
  2. Columbia, SC
  3. Florence, SC
  4. Greenville/Upstate
  5. Hilton Head
  6. Myrtle Beach, SC

You can browse things, advertisements based on the location we’ve mentioned above. That’s, how getting the job done becomes so easy on Craigslist.

Picture: Brows area of South Carolina in Craigslist
Picture: Brows area of South Carolina in Craigslist

Know About Craigslist as A Dweller of South Carolina:

In the USA, Craigslist is one of the most popular sites for classified listings. From job advertisements to home supplies, everything is possible to find from here.

It was built to serve the community and now it’s serving hundreds of cities and South Carolina is one of these. There is no specific information about the profit of this site but experts assume it’s over $10 million USD.

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The cool side is, for the most part (reading, posting) is free and charges. For other ads, the charge is also lower than the market rate.

Because of the rate, Craigslist becomes a threat for other traditional companies, especially those that do the same thing (Classified ads). This lower rate is also available for the dwellers in South Carolina as well.

We found, newspapers, in particular, tried to attack this site in different ways and claimed legal action. It’s true, people can save money by posting ads for selling a sofa, a car, or renting property.

In the newspaper, it cost a lot. This is also another reason for the popularity of Craigslist. Craigslist comes through lots of moderation. Adding different areas of South Carolina is one of these.

There are 30 craigslist employees and work hard to offer the best experience. After the moderation, every month people posted more than 50 million ads, and this is a significant milestone.

What is Craigslist Network?

Got the homepage of Craigslist? What do you see? There are different search categories. Even all these categories are more specified based on the place.

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If you search ads around South Carolina then just type the state name. You’ll find 6 more areas under this section and all the categories are rearranged based on these areas.

Employees of craigslist focusing on coordinating transactions and helping members. Because community members are moderating this site continuously by posting ads.

Based on the activity and post, every month craigslist has:

  • 25 million new classified ads per month
  • 1.5 million job postings per month
  • 75 million users posting in the forum
  • 10 million new photos uploaded
  • 30 million users visit this site in the USA
  • 9 billion page views
Picture: Find your ad on Craigslist
Picture: Find your ad on Craigslist


Is Craigslist bad for everyone?

It’s true that on craigslist people found scammers, stalkers, and setups. Sometimes they use this site to steal money from unsuspecting victims but the ratio of doing it is not considered based on the average daily deals.

What is Craigslist good for?

This site is popular for posting and viewing local advertisements. Viewing advertisements from this site is much easier than the newspaper. You can see advertisements for jobs, apartments, used cars, garage sales, personal ads, and more.

Who uses Craigslist?

More than 60 million people in the USA use craigslist. Every month they visit 50 billion pages.

Is Craigslist legal?

This site is made for people who are looking for a real deal on the web and it is not illegal.

Is craigslist still popular?

Yes, craigslist is still one of the most popular classified advertisement websites in the world.


For the classified advertisement and listing, there is no tough competition you’ll find against Craigslist. Even this site is spreading the service in different countries, states, and zones as well.

Now in South Carolina Craigslist got the most attention. The only reason is, this site segregates this state into 6 different sections. This website is built around communities where people get more comfortable services.

Visitors just need to search what they need and the area where they want to find it. It sounds simple and easy.

Tons of options are available on this site. So, there is no chance for “not found” items. Everything is available on Craigslist.

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