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David Barksdale: The History of The Leader of Street Gang

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Only a few black men cause street gang culture and David Barksdale is one of them. From the beginning of street gang culture, there have been Italians and Irish people.

These people also influenced this bad culture. The person we are talking about made some difference in the wrong way. May it’s for his short life.

In a short time, this young boy started to lead a gang and became the leader of the Devil’s Disciples, the Maniac Latin Disciples, the Black Disciples, Satan’s Disciples, and the Black Gangster Disciples.

His life has always been questionable to other people. The story of his short life was full of surprises and dare. Let me explain more details in this review.

Picture: David Barksdale
Picture: David Barksdale

Who Was David Barksdale?

People who know the story of gang culture also know the name, David Barksdale. This young boy is known as King Dave and King David. He is a leader of a gang named Devil’s Disciples gang.

The story of this person begins on 24 May 1947 in Sallis, Mississippi. He was raised in a family of 12 brothers and sisters.

In 1957, he moved to Chicago and in this city, he gained respect but not in a good way. He gained it through fear.

As we know, gang culture drives people to an unlimited result like death. Because of the rivalry, King Dave was shot six times. It’s all about violence, shootings, and death.

Things You Might Know About David:

Most of the people don’t know some key information about King Dave and we’ve mentioned all of them below.

NameDavid Barksdale
Full NameDonise David Barksdale
BornMay 24, 1947
PlaceSallis, Mississippi, USA
Age27 Years (24.05.1947)
Others NamesKing David, Chairman of the Board
Spouse(s)Yvonne Barksdale
ChildrenDonnie David Barksdale Jr., Melinda Barksdale, Ronnie Barksdale
Organizations (Founded)Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples

Biography of David:

Already you know about king Dave, who was known as a street gang leader and was born on May 24, 1947, and died on 19 September 2, 1947.

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He was the first leader of an American Gang called Black Disciples from Chicago, Illinois. After some time, King Dave decided to merge and create the Black Gangster Disciples with Larry Hoover.

But in 1974, September, King David died due to renal failure. At that time his age was only 27.

Born and Family:

Donise David Barksdale was born in Sallis, Mississippi. He lived with his parents named Virginia and Carlie Barksdale. In his family, David was the 10th of thirteen children.

In 1957, David’s family moved to Chicago and three years later, the true story of Barksdale became. Yes, he becomes the gang leader.

In 1972, he started to focus on other gang members and make his own gang called Black Disciple Nation. There were other gangs making trouble at the same time. As a result, the tension between the gangs grows. Barksdale’s gang absorbed lots of these gangs.

Picture: The Blackstone Rangers
Picture: The Blackstone Rangers

For the Black Stone Rangers, it was a failure. The leader of this gang ordered a hit on Barksdale. That’s why Barksdale was hit six times in his own car. It was not the end for Barksdale. In 1970, he has shot again while exiting a bar. Somehow he survived.

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At the same time, he proposed to Larry Hoover (Leader of the Gangster Disciples) a merger and the Black Gangster Disciple Nation born. In 27 years of life, he was arrested 27 times but the offense was not serious.

What About His Death and Legacy?

Barksdale was suffering from some health problems. He died on September 2, 1974. The reason was Kidney failure and it happened because of an accidental attack. He was shot in his cohorts ‘Briefcase Daryll’. From that time he was facing difficulties with the kidney.

At the time of death, he left three children named David, Melinda, Ronnie Barksdale, and wife Yvonne Barksdale. 1996, Ronnie Barksdale was killed by a member of the Gangster Disciples Street Gang.

Even his wife also got murdered in 1997, three years later of the death of David. The gang never forgets him. All the members of the gang celebrate his birthday in his honor.

All the functions for King David were supported by the Black Disciples organization. Undoubtedly it’s a controversial move.

Gang Culture was everywhere in the USA
Picture: Gang Culture was everywhere in the USA

Rumors About King David:

Do you know King Von? His real name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett. All we know is him as a rapper from O-Block. The key attraction point about this rapper is, he is a member of the Black Disciples gang.

He was shot outside a club in Atlanta on 6 November 2020 and died at the age of 26. The rumor about this rapper is that he is a grandson of king David.

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The actual fact about King Von is, he reminds people of King David. King Von explained the reason. Most of his life is similar to David david especially when he was in jail.

A person who was in jail with David said King von just like King David because he carried himself like him. Undoubtedly, King David is an unforgettable person in history.

He is a legendary figure for everyone and had his own morals to build his own kingdom to run the streets by his rules. King Von also follows the same rules. This is also another reason people relate him with King David.

Picture: King Von
Picture: King Von


Sometimes people love some raw figures of history, especially those who are related to lawbreaking and violent activities.

David has been just like a character. He is the influencing character who leads the street for a while. It’s true the gang was very large and careless about everything.

Some people feel proud about it but it’s not the right way to remember a gang like this one. People remember him because he made history by creating a record-breaking gang in the USA.

Still, we feel sorry about Donise David Barksdale and his pathetic life. In American history, we never wanted to be a part of this.

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