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Android 16: The Dragon Ball Could Have Restored Him

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Android 16 is one of those powerful characters from Dragon Ball Z, who died but left an impression in our minds. Most of the androids in this cartoon series were created to eliminate the hero named Goku and 16 is one of these.

He wasn’t born but created for this sole purpose. The cool part of this robotic character was, he doesn’t take any command if it is not related to Goku. That was the key point of attraction of this character.

With the different types of power, he can give a rough and tough competition with Goku. At the end of the day, 16 died and fans of Dragon Ball z became sad.

More secrets of this character are discussed in this review. Let’s talk about all of these.

Android 16
Picture: Android 16

What is Android 16?

Do you know about Dr. Gero in Dragon Ball Z? He was the creator of Android 16. Not only that, he set the sole purpose of this character is killing Red Ribbon Army Goku.

At first, he was trying to kill Goku. After some time, 16 was able to make his own decision like ignoring pre-programmed nature. When he became successful at that, 16 joined the Z warrior.

As a result, we saw him fighting against Cell! Before 16 became a positive-minded character he was a scary one to other characters of the Dragon Ball Z and the fans as well because he looked like regular people.

The capacity and power he has can destroy a whole city within a few seconds. Yes, his mental and physical capacity was good enough to do that.

For a while, we forget that he is a robot, not a human after watching him doing something good.

 Super Saiyan Goku
Picture: Super Saiyan Goku

What Were His Final Words Before Dying?

Android 16 wins the hearts of many fans of Dragon Ball Z. Even before his death, he said some words and we remember it. He said it for Gohan in an episode called “Cell Juniors Attack!”. Here is the Quote of 16 is given below.

“Gohan, let it go. It is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach. The cell is such a being. I know how you feel, Gohan. You are gentle; you do not like to hurt. I know because I, too, have learned these feelings, but it is because you cherish life, that you must protect it. Please, drop your restraints. Protect the life I loved. You have the strength. My scanners sensed it. Just let it go.”

Death of Android 16
Picture: Death of Android 16

Technical and Character Details of Android 16:

Here is a few key information about 16 are given below you might need to know to understand this character well. Take a quick look at it.

NameAndroid 16 (USA), Jinzouningen Juuroku Gou (Japanese), Artificial Human 16, C16
Height6’9” (USA), 206 cm (Japanese)
StatusDr. Gero’s Android
VoiceJeremy Inman (USA), Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese)
DebutEpisode 134
AnimeDragon Ball Z
Total Fight3
Total Losses in Fight3
ResidenceDr. Gero’s Lab
CreatorAkira Toriyama
Picture: Dragon Ball Z
Picture: Dragon Ball Z

What Was the Signature Move of Android 16 in Dragon Ball Z?

Like other Android, 16 also has terrifying, powerful skills. The sole purpose of using all these powers was to kill Goku. Here are all the details of 16’s signature move given below.

Rocket Punch

Look at 16’s hand. This hand is not only strong but also his fist as well. Those are made for punching. He can punch using his hand that is also detachable from his body. That means, it can fire his arm at the opponent as a punch.

Hell’s Flash

Before attaching 16’s arms with his body, he acted as a powerful cannon! This action is very much similar to rapid Ki Blast attacks. This attack caused a huge explosion.

Not only that, this explosion can be kept for a longer time. It was possible for the 16 because he had an unlimited supply of energy.

Bear Hug

This is another technique of 16’s attack. He can wrap his target, then lock it again in place. Remember, 16 has a cybernetic body. That’s how he can his body. So, if he wishes, no victim can escape from his bear hug.

Self-destruct Device

From the beginning, 16 was fitted with an atomic bomb that is so powerful to destroy the city at once. If he wishes to do it, the bomb will explode. But the good thing is, he never had to use it. Bulma (character of Dragon Ball Z) removed it from 16’s body.

What Is the Real Name of Android 16?

As fans, we always wanted to have a real name for 16. Dr. Gero is not like that type of person who gives his creation and humanistic name.

Maybe Dr. Gero is their creator, father, kind of but he was the real person who is responsible to give a name to his androids. For all of his android, he gives a number sequence instead of a name like Android 1, Android 2, Android 3, etc.

At some point, we discovered that Dr. Gero is super intelligent. He was focusing on his work and creation. Giving a perfect name to his creation is a completely meaningless task for him.

Maybe this is the reason, he even didn’t give a name to his iconic creation 16. He treated them as a subject after all, not humans.


It’s true that, in Dragon Ball Z, there are hundreds of characters but only a few of them got our most attention. Android 16 will be one of these characters all the time. Thanks to Dr. Gero, to create such a super-skilled fighter that turns into a good for the Z warrior.

At first, 16 wasn’t functioning properly. He was in inactive mode and Android 17 and 18 active 16! Alongside his robotic nature, he started to love nature and humans.

From time to time, he gets close to our hearts by his kind act. Once, we forget that 16 is a robot not a human in Dragon Ball Z.

After the death of 16, we always keep looking for him. Who knows, the creator might recreate him.

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