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4Chan V Is The Birthplace of Memes That Has A Great Impact on Meme Culture:

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In a short time, only a few image boards got popular and 4chan V is one of them. This is a simple image bulletin board but this simple image board becomes extraordinary to everyone, especially to the video game lover.

Now it has a board for everyone where they can talk about a variety of topics. Isn’t it cool? At first, this imageboard holds the different areas of the Japanese environment like their animation, culture, video games, music, and photography.

Without any registration, this imageboard from 4Chan is available to use and participate in any discussion. To know what’s going on about a specific topic this board is full of information.

This is the reason, still, people love this community. We are interested in researching this board and see below what we’ve found.

Picture: /v/ board on 4chan
Picture: /v/ board on 4chan

What is 4chan V?

There are lots of options you’ll find online that are created as an imageboard website. But a few of them draw everyone’s attention and undoubtedly 4chan will be top on that shortlist. This is an anonymous website and the good news is it is available in the English language.

In October 2003, this fantastic imageboard website was launched. To discuss a wide variety of topics, people looked for such a website and now we’ve 4chan.

Not all boards are as popular as 4chan V has. Most people talk on this board about video games and we know how crazy people are about video games.

On top of that, /v/ is also considered the first board that is created on this popular site. After getting the reputation ironically, people start here to discuss different types of topics as well.

Picture: Christopher Poole is the founder of 4chan
Picture: Christopher Poole is the founder of 4chan

History of 4chan V:

In the year 2004, this history started to make its way because /v/ was first created in this year. Now, it is considered one of the oldest image boards on the 4chan website.

The good news is, this board doesn’t change its form much. It still works in its original form. Because of its frequent use, it becomes the key point of attraction and is noticeable to everyone.

As you know, after the creation, this board got enough popularity to make more sections of it. Now, we have 3 more boards on our table to talk about and these are.

  • /vg/[2] (Video Game Generals)
  • /vr/[3] (Retro Games)
  • /vp/[4] (Pokémon).
Picture: Homepage of 4chan
Picture: Homepage of 4chan

What about the Board Culture and Its Reputation?

From the beginning, /v/ was used to discuss one specific topic and that is video games. But things happened to other boards because of /v/.

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After gaining massive popularity over other boards /v/ becomes the board where people talk about a variety of topics. People found lots of effective, necessary options, resulting in many games.

We found most of these options here for mainstream games. There are both good and bad opinions available on this board for the game.

All these opinions formed as a joke and makes the negativity more loathing. Because of this type of action against discussion, it draws the attention of the outsider of the board called “anti-fun.”

On the other hand, video game news sites and their reviews are also mentionable in this case. Among the board users, these reviews help to get into a discussion.

Most of the time the topic started with pre-released or newly released games. Now it has become a form of viral marketing. It was a good step for the game publisher.

Is It True That Vidya Got Popularity on V?

Do you know that, in /v/ different types of topics that are also misspelled got popular? Yes, it’s true and Vidya is one of these.

Vidya defines Vidya Game that is completely misspelled. It’s considered slang in the video game community but is still a popular topic on this imageboard.

The surprising fact is, this misspelled topic is more popular than just video games! Besides, this term is also related to another event in /v/ and that is Vidya Game Awards.

This award event was organized only for the game and the publisher and the winner was selected through voting polls.

What About Launchpad McQuack & Albert Einstein?

/v/ is also popular for some well-known raids. In this board ‘Launchpad McQuack & Albert Einstein’ was such a type of raid. With the help of a popularity poll that is organized by ‘Gamestop’ was able to draw the attention of the user of /v/.

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After getting the vote, ‘Launchpad McQuack and Albert Einstein’ won the award. Do you know what this award is for? It is for “Best Sidekick”

How Much Do You Know About Rage Guy in /v/?

To represent the /v/ in comics and animation, there is an avatar and that is “The Rage Guy”. It is the default avatar of this board. Sometimes this avatar is also defined as a personified version of the board.

When you see the avatar, you’ll understand why this figure becomes the avatar for such a popular imageboard. It has an angry expression on its face.

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On top of that, this figure also reflects another theme for the /v/’s anti-fans and that is reputation. The Rage Guy is not only the avatar of this page.

Over time more avatars were created but not all of them got such popularity like Rage Guy has.

Neo-/v/ is the most notable avatar after Rage Guy. Another one also has the same potential as /v/’s avatar and that is Punished /v/.

Picture: The Rage Guy in /v/
Picture: The Rage Guy in /v/


The imageboard thing is getting popular over the internet with many other websites but 4chan is the best in this race.

We can say one thing for sure about 4chan and that is /v/. Undoubtedly, 4chan v is a lawless place where people can easily share what they think about the topic.

There are no restrictions about it. Just throw the topic on this board that you like and see how the discussion started with it. It’s one kind of Darknet embassy on the internet.

Still, we’ve got lots of necessary topics and discussion that helps us to know better any topic, especially video games.

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